A New Legal Pricing Philosophy

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Published 28 March, 2017

“Our pricing philosophy is built around the principles of transparency, equity and accessibility.” 

Sounds good, right? What does it mean for our clients?


When dealing with Kit Legal, you will know what you are paying for and how much you are paying for it. There is no “hourly rate” that may or may not include many undefined and undisclosed things that you can’t track or manage. We look for ways to make our services more cost efficient so we can pass these efficiencies on to you. No hidden surcharges or fees and if you’re not sure about what you have been charged, please ask us! We are happy to explain and work through the cost with you. What’s in it for us? Happy client = long term trust.


Are you a startup or small business, concerned about how much your legal services may cost? Are you a medium to large enterprise and tired of being charged a premium just “because you can afford it”? Kit Legal is about fairness and equity. Our transparency in pricing allows you to see that your business is not being taken advantage of. We tailor a package to the size and needs of your business, with flexible payment terms to ensure we are not an additional drain on your business’ ability to thrive. What’s in it for us? Happy client = ongoing relationship.


Kit’s tailored packages enable businesses of all levels to access the legal advice and support they require, to ensure their business flourishes. We try to be generous with the advice and services we provide, rather than trying to provide the least amount for the biggest fee. Larger businesses may need on call expertise; we can provide that in cost effective way using intelligent technology solutions. Other businesses may only require ad hoc expert advice and not want to pay for on call service, no problems, we have a package for you! At the heart of accessibility is flexibility, we will work with you to ensure the correct fit for YOUR business not the best option for OURS! What’s in it for us? Happy client = positive referrals from our clients and we get to feel good about what we do.

Kit Legal is not your standard law firm, in so many ways and pricing is one of them. Using customised technology, employing the right people who are technically excellent in their field, hard work and making intentional decisions about how we spend our time and money allow us to keep our overheads low. Rather than lining our pockets with the proceeds of low overheads, we use the excess to provide expert service at a fair price.