About Kit Legal

Kit Legal combines law and tech to help highly regulated businesses make the complex compliance stuff, simple.

What makes Kit Legal unique?

Take everything you know about a traditional legal firm, flip it, and you’ve got Kit Legal. We have thrown traditional industry norms out the window to provide our clients with a better legal and compliance experience.

We develop and use technology to share our knowledge freely; we embrace and encourage disruption and welcome authentic collaboration. 

Our values of Transparency, Selflessness, Courage, Fun and Expertise are demonstrated daily in client-first practices, including fixed fee and subscription-based pricing, open access to our team, deliberately putting our client’s needs before our own, and actively working to change the face of our industry.

We only work with a small subset of the Financial Services industry and engage with businesses who seek best-in-class compliance practices and generally want to do the right thing. We refer work on where we don’t feel we are the best fit for a business’ requirements and only operate within our absolute niche area of AFSL compliance for Financial Planners, Wealth Advisers, Investment and Corporate Advisers and Wholesale Funds. We approach any interaction with a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity, which makes us much nicer people to work with.

The people providing you advice are financial services lawyers. All advice we provide, both upfront and ongoing, is legal advice that you can rely on.

Our guiding principles

  • You don’t have to be expensive to prove you’re an expert.
  • We should always aim to make things simpler, easier and better for our partners.
  • It’s ok to share knowledge without being paid for it.
  • Being creative is no less important than being analytic.
  • Collaboration isn’t something to fear.
  • Admitting when you’re wrong doesn’t make you weak.
  • Your age isn’t the only determinant of your expertise.
  • The long game is paramount.
  • Accessibility is the key.

Our Aim

Is to make the complex stuff, simple.

About us

Since 2017, Kit Legal has been dedicated to providing specialised expertise to ASIC-regulated industries, particularly Financial Planners, Wealth Advisers, Investment and Corporate Advisers and Wholesale Funds. Our team’s focus is unwavering—we drill down deep into the issues these businesses face, ensuring our clients  can navigate their regulatory obligations whilst still achieving their commercial objectives.

Established to address a specific need for client-centric legal compliance expertise, we’ve developed a tailored software platform designed for AFSL holders to enable the efficient delivery of this service.

Kit Legal offers unique billing and client engagement models, providing flexibility and certainty. With a remote team leveraging technology, we serve clients across Australia’s major cities and regional areas.

Meet Our Team

We provide expert guidance on financial services, and related AML and privacy laws. We are known for taking a commercial approach to complex regulatory issues.