Digital Compliance Platform

Finally, rescue from your regulatory nightmare! The DCP provides a complete solution for businesses looking to simplify their AFSL compliance. Pricing is based on an upfront subscription model tailored to suit the organisation’s size and requirements.

Building on a proven ability to understand the commercial needs of licensees within the context of fulfilling regulatory obligations, our legal team has developed a tailored online compliance solution – the Digital Compliance Platform (DCP). The DCP houses all the content required to ensure that the arduous task of managing regulatory compliance is a problem of the past. With the aim to “make complex stuff simple”, the DCP allows ASIC and AUSTRAC regulated businesses the space and time to thrive.

Fully customised compliance framework

Stop wasting time making your established business process fit a generic compliance plan. Instead, the DCP takes your existing processes and creates a customised compliance plan to ensure you’re meeting your regulatory obligations whilst reflecting the way your business already works.

Too often, we see licensees struggling with processes that don’t suit their businesses just because they need to “comply” with a prescribed compliance plan. Kit Legal uses technology to efficiently and seamlessly customise your compliance framework to fit your firm processes and allow you to continue with “business as usual”.

Constant compliance via dynamic updates

Losing sleep over keeping up with changes in legislation, guidance and best practice? Rest easy knowing that our legal team are tracking industry changes and updating your compliance framework. Kit Legal believes that quality compliance isn’t static, and through the DCP, you can rely on being constantly and completely compliant with little to no effort from you.

For us, the most game-changing aspect of the DCP is the ability to automatically update the framework in real-time, with no effort from the end user (licensee). Of course, the regulatory landscape is always evolving, but the automation built into the DCP means that AFSL holders can be reassured that they are constantly covering their licence obligations and get on with the real business of business!”

Features of the DCP

The DCP supports not good but great AFSL compliance by simplifying regulatory obligations for AFSL holders.
  • Subscription based pricing
  • Customised compliance framework
  • Real time updates to compliance documents as legislation and ASIC guidance changes
  • Dynamic task list with reminders for compliance related tasks
  • Easily updateable Registers as required by your AFSL
  • Industry updates from our expert lawyers
  • Templates for quarterly attestation feature
  • Training content created by specialist team, many with CPD points attached.
  • Accessibility is the key.

Have questions about the DCP?

If you would like more information about our DCP or a demo, please let us know via the form to the right and we will be in touch ASAP!