Hey You! Do you know if you have Privacy obligations?

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Published 7 November, 2018

Does your business tick any of these points?

  • has an annual turnover of $3M or more;
  • has AML obligations (even if your annual turnover is less than $3M);
  • provides consumer or commercial credit (even if your annual turnover is less than $3M);
  • provides goods or services on invoice terms of 7 days or more (even if your annual turnover is less than $3M).

Any ticks? Then your business will have privacy obligations.

Already across those obligations? Great job, gold star for you! Maybe you weren’t aware that you had obligations under the Privacy Act or your business situation has changed and you are now required to comply. If this is the case your key privacy obligations include:

  • having a customer-facing privacy policy available from your website;
  • having internal policies in place setting out how you comply with your privacy obligations; and
  • collecting, handling and managing any personal or credit information you hold in accordance with your internal policies and the Privacy Act.