Legal Help Desk

Specialist legal advice at your disposal for a fixed monthly subscription.

Legal Help Desk

What are our Add on Legal Options?

Our digital compliance product supports compliance for a broad spectrum of businesses, from one person practices to multi-location ASX listed firms and everything in between. We know that all organisations are different, not just in size but in their needs. To provide further support to businesses who need it, we offer a Legal Help Desk as an add on option for our subscribers. This service act as an additional layer of support for the DCP and can be accessed on a subscription basis by any firm with a current DCP account.

Full Legal Help Desk

Open, unlimited access to our specialist financial services lawyers for any AFSL, AML or Privacy related queries, provided on a fixed monthly subscription. With the advantage of being able to have confidential and legally privileged communications with our team. Perfect for the firm that requires an increased level of support to do the right thing.

AFSL Application

It can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help! Our team of experts has worked with ASIC on many AFSL applications and boasts a 100% success rate since 2017. We specialise in obtaining Australian Financial Services Licences for Financial Planners, Wealth Advisers, Investment and Corporate Advisers, and Wholesale Fund managers. Years of experience means we know what needs to be provided and, in what way to make the process as stress-free and painless as possible.

Why Choose Kit Legal

Kit’s legal team are known for taking a commercial approach to complex regulatory issues. At Kit Legal, we are driven by values and motivated by the best outcomes for our clients. We happily provide the guardrails to enable our clients and their businesses to go faster, but with flexible payment options to suit your business’ cash flow.

Kit Legal is the opposite of “Jack of All Trades, Master of none!”.

We only work with financial services businesses, and within that industry, we focus on a tightly defined segment comprised of Wealth Advisers, Financial Planners, and a selection of Wholesale funds. This philosophy ensures that our team have the time and resourcing to go deep on the legal and regulatory requirements of businesses in this niche. Our ultimate goal is the remain the “Masters” of the governing requirements for Advisers!