So, what’s that “cross” thing-y about anyway?

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Published 9 August, 2019

Last school holidays one of our “Kit Kids” made us a logo magnet for our work fridge. Whilst handing it over she asked the very good question “so what does your name and the cross thing-y mean?”. We realised that we don’t often share the story and the meaning behind our name and logo. If you have ever wondered “so, what’s that “cross” thing-y about anyway?” then read on…

Our Name: The origin of our name begins with the fact that the visionary for our business, Catherine had the nickname “Kitty” bestowed upon her during her childhood. Still to this day, you will often hear her family affectionately refer to her as “Kitty” or “Kitty Kat”. Another layer to the name came when early in our journey we began to formulate the purpose behind Kit Legal; “to help the most amount of people we could in the most efficient way”. As we continued to deliberate over our purpose, we realised that our mission really centred on helping  people who were potentially “hurting” from their regulatory burden. Thus the concept of providing legal “first aid kits” to help businesses in highly regulated industries not just survive but thrive. BOOM! KIT was born! The Legal part was added on to help people understand a bit more about how we could help and our products were christened in a similar theme with “Rescue“, “Triage” and “Lifeline” completing our offering.

Our Logo: The “cross” is a bit of a no-brainer when you know the story of the name and how our branding ties to “first aid” (and yes, we have trademarked it!). So, what about the pink? In the ideation phase of our firm, the common self-check was “how would this traditionally be done in or by a law firm?”, once the question was answered we would resolutely do the opposite! Hence, the abundance of pink and the femininity of our branding. Also, pink makes us happy!

There are so many more Kit stories to be told, particularly about the beginning of our firm, if you’re ever interested to hear more – just ask!