We Need Help!

by | Feb 13, 2021 | KitLegal | 0 comments

We have a very specific business goal for 2021 and it is we want Catherine to be able to take a holiday and we mean a proper, phone off, time with kids, sitting by the pool with a cocktail and a book holiday. For us to achieve this goal we need more lawyers! We think we have the absolute dream team in terms of skill and attitude, and we are looking for one (maybe two, possibly even three) lovely lawyer to join our superstars. 

So, if you are someone, or know someone who has:

Rosie’s wonderful can-do attitude and devout love of bubbles (the drinking variety that is)

Anna’s sharp as tack legal know how and dry as sense of humour

Jodi’s massive smarts and contagious giggle

Catherine’s “never any problems approach to clients” and ridiculously large level of humility

could you please send yourself/them our way? 

In all seriousness, we are busier than ever and looking to recruit, all of the things above are really important to us along with a background in commercial law and somewhere between 5-10 years PQE. Initially this role will be based in Adelaide but after a training period we are super open to remote work. We can offer flexibility, competitive renumeration package including some pretty darn good bonuses and perks and a sparkly yet relaxed workplace. We are open to applicants full time, part time or whatever time suits. Please get in touch with us via firstaid@kitlegal.com.au, even if you would just like to chat and get some more information about the role.