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Reputation management, technology disruption, market volatility, and changing customer expectations, we understand the multitude of challenges that face Financial Planners. However, regulatory compliance doesn’t have to be one of those challenges.

Financial Planners

How We Can Help

Kit Legal was born out of an identified need for legal compliance expertise delivered in a client-centric manner. Our team consists of specialist lawyers and skilled former industry professionals with extensive experience working with a range of financial services participants across Australia. This balance of skills provides a unique level of insight and understanding of the industry and the needs of our Financial Planning clients.

Our team has designed and developed a custom software platform, the Digital Compliance Platform (DCP), tailored to the unique needs of Financial Planners and the regulatory responsibilities related to the maintenance of their licence.

Add-on legal advice services are offered via a subscription-based, unlimited legal help desk. Access expert legal guidance when you need it without the stress of not knowing how much the advice you require will cost.

AFSL applications

Regulatory Compliance

Specialised Legal Advice

Why Choose Kit Legal

Kit’s legal team are known for taking a commercial approach to complex regulatory issues. At Kit Legal, we are driven by values and motivated by the best outcomes for our clients. We happily provide the guardrails to enable our clients and their businesses to go faster but with flexible payment options to suit your business’ cash flow.

Kit Legal is the opposite of “Jack of All Trades, Master of none!”.

We only work with financial services businesses, and within that industry, we focus on a tightly defined segment comprised of Financial Planners, Wealth Advisers, Investment and Corporate Advisers and a selection of Wholesale funds. This philosophy ensures that our team have the time and resourcing to go deep on the legal and regulatory requirements of businesses in this niche. Our ultimate goal is the remain the “Masters” of the governing requirements for Financial Planners!

Kit Legal supports AFSL holders in managing their regulatory compliance by providing expert legal and digital compliance products and services.

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